talking to God…

My posts on here have recently been related to religion… I’ve been posting on my other blog more about my life overseas, so this one has gotten neglected and is reserved for my thoughts not related to what exciting thing is going on here.  I’m not super-religious though.  I have a deep respect for things religious though, and more just want people to find what they believe in…

Lately though, I’ve been praying more…

There have been some issues in my extended family that I am worried about, and the fact that I am living in a warzone have made me more prone to these little conversations I have in my head.

You see, I don’t really “pray” in the traditional sense.  I never have, I’ve never really like it.  I don’t bow my head, instead I usually look up (in church I often look at the cross).  But I will fold my hands in church or at the dinner table, but even then they usually feel awkward and out of place.

I like to have conversations, though… I never really thought about until tonight when I was emailing back and forth with my mom and she told me to pray about something.  I responded that I don’t really pray… I have conversations… I like to imagine what God is thinking and responding with.

This is all in my head of course… and may seem a bit crazy.  But, like my blogs, it helps me to get my words, my thoughts out, and feel like they matter.  And sometimes, if I’m asking a question, I think of the answer right then…


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