Nature is my proof…

I have always thought that everything is beautiful in its own way.  Even out here in the Iraqi desert, there is a strange beauty to things.  Now not everything, but quite a bit still.

A lot of people I know don’t believe in God, or are at least very critical of him.  I can empathize that it is sometimes hard to have faith in something you can’t put hands on.  But what is proof to me are the things you can’t necessarily touch, but that you can see… usually with a naked eye.

One of the most obvious things that proves to me that God is real (and benevolent, creative, and even a little humorous) is space and the planets.

To most people, these things prove the exact opposite.  But how does one explain why the ratio between the size of the Moon and the size of the Sun creates a perfect match when compared to the distance each is away from the Earth, and that every so often (in a perfect pattern, mind you) they all line up to create one of the most wonderous views from Earth.  That isn’t just coincidence.

Science finds the galaxies that are so far away, but our own eyes view the “pictures” that each telescope image show.  Like the Helix Nebula…

Also known as "God's Eye"

Also known as "God's Eye"

I don’t think that is coincidence either.

There are so many things, small, unnoticed miracles that occur every day in nature, that I am flabbergasted by it all.  The idea that so many things exist because of random events over the course of eons baffles me.  The idea that a cornfield waving in the summer breeze, or a fish with it’s own light at the bottom of the ocean, or the hump of a camel holding a month’s worth of water is just because of a chemical-based mutation doesn’t jive.

The fact that life even exists, is my proof that God exists, in some way, shape, or form.  While I don’t deny that a primordial soup existed, I can’t fathom that a couple of various minerals suddenly started reproducing themselves all by their lonesome.  Something assisted… something had a plan…


One response to “Nature is my proof…

  1. Erin-
    I have heard that coincidences are just miracles where God decided to stay anonymous…. something to think about….

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