I have changed… my mind… again…

I guess I am what one would call finicky.  I am known to change my mind quite often and usually take the path most don’t expect…

Well, I’ve done it again.  I was planning on going to graduate school this fall for Organizational Communications.  Instead I am deploying to Iraq in a short time and those plans are being postponed, indefinitely.  But something occured to me after I recieved my notice of deployment, I can still do whatever I want!

So, while I still might go to school for OrgComm, I might also go to school for Security Management.  The two are related if you really think about it, and I love them both.  Both have to do with improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a company, just from different viewpoints.

And since the Army is effectively paying for my education, I can pursue both at a much lower cost to myself.

There are other things I might change my mind on as well: move out of state when I return (to where and why is the question), what car to buy, direct commission or ROTC, buy a coffee shop or a boat…

the first one is the issue… I love my job at the bank, but I’m technically only temporary, so that will affect what I decide.  And then do I want to do school online or on campus?

So needless to say, this next year will be made making decisions that I won’t be able to cash in on yet, but that is good because it gives me plenty of time to change my mind!


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