I am a jealous person…

My brother-in-law is a self-made man, a true entrepreneur… And great at it to boot! He has started a host of businesses, including a web-design business that creates inspired sites for the uber-involved business owner (see www.slashwebstudios.com, www.silversilos.com). I am truly jealous of him…

He has a great family (my sister and 2 lovely nieces, plus his own parents and brothers), good friends, great spirituality, and a career history rivaling some of his industries most successful. He is exceptionally creative, witty, good-looking, stylish. He also knows what he wants out of life… he has clear goals of success, independence, and security. He is driven. And just one conversation with him will give anyone the sense that he has all the best intentions.

And then there is me… sometimes lost, a nomad in the world, trying to figure out where I fit in. I like IT and its vast possibilities, but I’m not a “techie”. I love business, but I can barely manage my own finances let alone be in charge of someone else’s. I love the arts, but I’m not exactly creative. And history is something to learn from, but where do you go from there. People are what I am really drawn too… but the possibilities there are so open and vast that I barely know where to start.

And for that reason, I wander… trying something new everyday, looking for the next big thing. I feel like I have the makings of an entrepreneur inside me, but I haven’t found my niche. And I am jealous of those who have.


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