Write beginnings…

So I’m new to this blogging thing… I wasn’t really sure how else to say the things I want to say.  I don’t think any of it is really worthy of a letter to the editor or an entire website, so hopefully this will work.  We will see…

I like to think I am a dynamic person… a jack of all trades, master of none, sort of person.  Mostly, I’m interested in people and business… that’s why I’ll be studying Organizational Communication at UW-Milwaukee starting Fall 2009.  I am also in love with shoes, purses, fashion in general.  I like to golf, watch football, go out with friends, dance (if allowed), and spend time with people I care about.  I am a bit of an unorganized mess… I just can’t seem to ever find a place for everything!

I am in the Army Reserves… just signed up last summer and finished training two weeks ago.  So far I like it, and I would encourage anyone to at least look into it to see if it is for them.  I really do believe that, overall, the Army and the US Military is trying to help, albeit in a strange and fascinating way!

I hope my blog can be entertaining, cathartic (to me), insightful, and informative, otherwise I would just be another person talking to space about nothing


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