Tom Hanks is a Lot of Animals

How the hell do people come up with this shit? And how do I (or people I know) find it!?


The HTC EVO™ 4G. Only from Sprint.

Check out this website I found at

I’m really excited for this phone… can’t wait! It comes out a week after I get home! w00t!

Lost Generation

Book Review: Have a Little Faith

This book made me laugh, cry, and question myself all at the same time.

Mitch Albom does a wonderful job eulogizing his childhood and connecting the stories of the suburban rabbi and an former addict, urban pastor.  The tolerance of both men show that religion isn’t necessarily about getting others to believe what you believe, but more about feeling strongly enough in your own faith to actually believe it.

I loved the story and felt that everything the rabbi said was exactly how I felt about my own beliefs most days.  I would recommend it to anyone of any religious background, no matter how strongly they believed.

Way to go DM!! Tortoise wins race for best U.S. city for business – MarketWatch

Pink Glove Dance for Breast Cancer Awareness

Since my mom is a survivor, and I’ve known many more women who’ve survived or passed due to breast cancer, I am a big advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness. The video is cute and it seems that the sponsor, Medline, is doing some big things to support the cause.

This video is amazing! Stop Motion Video: Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

I love it, plus the song is sooo cute!